Introducing Pop Cultured theme

Pop Cultured is a Tumblr theme with a slick grid design that caters for both imagery and text articles. It is highly customizable and comes with heaps of special features including:

  • Choose tags you want to highlight on the index page
  • Show additional data from integrated film, music, television, book and game databases to enhance your posts
  • Show a star rating on permalink posts
  • Automatically insert read more links on all posts (optional)
  • Typography and image layout options for text posts
  • High resolution imagery on permalink posts
  • Support for group blogging
  • Typekit, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook integrated
  • Disqus and Facebook comments
  • Over 50 appearance options

See more about what Pop Cultured theme can do by checking out the features page.

Get the theme now from the Tumblr Theme Garden.

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Radiohead in Switzerland


Radiohead announced they were finally touring Australia again, just before I left the country to travel Europe. Radiohead have always been up there on my ‘must see live before I die” list, so after I was annoyed as soon that I would miss out on their Australian gig, I jumped online to check if any European tour dates were still available. With Switzerland still on sale, I didn’t hesitate and grabbed two tickets. 

I had a fairly flexible itinerary during my European travels, so when Radiohead postponed their Switzerland date, I just took note that when they rescheduled I would get myself back to Switzerland (I obviously still went to Switzerland even though Radiohead had postponed).

Their rescheduled date was in late September, when I would be in London. Again, not hesitating, I immediately bought return flights to Switzerland from London and slept easily knowing that I will, one day, see Radiohead perform live.

The build up to the gig was a bit weird, as back in Melbourne, you would be discussing with your friends “oh awesome is this going to be” and even be checking setlists online. I will admit I did get a smirk on my face when coffee shop barista’s did the old “what are you up to this weekend?” and I would answer with “oh you know, just going to Switzerland to see Radiohead.” Yeah, I probably sounded like a bit of a muppet but I didn’t care in the slightest.

My friend and I left for Switzerland the night before the country. Even though I had already been, I hadn’t been to the capital Bern before, where we would catch the bus to the concert. Since the trip had been so much “Radiohead” focused, it was a nice surprise to just take in and realise I was in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world

After a two hour bus trip through Swiss landscapes, we finally arrive at this so called “Quarry” way out in the middle of nowhere. Not long to go now, an item off my bucket list was now just hours away from being crossed off.

The next following two hours was nothing short of amazing. At first I was a bit surprised at Thom Yorke sporting a ponytail, but once their screen show reached full flight you were left mesmerised. 

A few thoughts from the show:

  • I always underestimate drumming, especially when bands perform live. Phil Selway was absolutely phenomenal and kept the pulse going throughout the entire evening. Phil, combined with Colin (who did a lot of drum patch work) and their second drummer (who actually looked like Phil), meant that Radiohead’s drum spine live was about 10x the experience you’d get through their records.
  • I’m a massive fan of the early Radiohead records which were more guitar based. I’m obviously a fan of their later electronic based stuff too, but their older albums hold a special place in my heart as it’s what got me into the band. Having said that, their performances of their electronic based music live, such as “Idioteque” and “Everything in its Right Place” was technically and musically brilliant. 
  • Their earlier less electronic music, such as Paranoid Android, lacked the extra punch than their electronic hits. Maybe it’s because it’s not as technical to pull off live, or because they are just a bit tired of playing those songs. (Thom actually stuffed up Paranoid Android, sang the wrong part of the song before correcting himself!).
  • Colin Greenwood has always made me laugh a bit, as he was the bass player and his younger brother Johnny kinda came into the band and became guitarist wonderkid / songwriter. I loved watching Colin trigger all the synths / beats / effects with a smile on his face that I could only think says “Yeah Johnny, look at me now!”
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My take on the original Star Wars Trilogy. 


My take on the original Star Wars Trilogy. 

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Mac DeMarco


Was on the hunt for some new tunes, so decided to crawl across some of the latest Pitchfork review. This is where I found Mac DeMarco and listened to his latest record, ‘2’. 

This was a pleasant album to come across. Pitchfork did rate it quite highly for their standard, so my expectations were set high when I started playing track 1: “Cooking Up Something Good”. It hooks you in, with some great guitar that sounds like it’s been deliberately warped by analog tape.

It’s probably the strongest track on the album, but the rest of the record holds itself together pretty well. I was expecting to head into some pretty easy going singer-songwriter, but later tracks such as “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” and “Annie” also demonstrate how capable a lead guitarist Mac is. 

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Tame Impala: Lonerism


I first heard Tame Impala back in late 2009, where I just started a new job and a co-worker introduced me to them. I must admit I loved the sound of their home recorded EP, it has such a nice raw vibe to it. I would never have guessed they were a current band or even from Australia for that matter.

Their first studio album, InnerSpeaker, just didn’t instantly do it for me. I think I was still quite attached to the raw vibe of their EP that InnerSpeaker just sounded almost too clean. Especially since they doubled up on tracks like Desire Be, Desire Go where I was too used to the raw version.

This year they released their second studio album, Lonerism. I didn’t even know about the release, but somehow it took off on the internetsphere and my Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of opinion on the album. Before I even listened to it, one friend said “Well even though they ripped off The Beatles, I think I am beginning to like them.” In comparison on Twitter I saw  ”Tame Impala is like the Psychedelic group that John Lennon would have founded if were still alive.”

Giving the album a spin, it caught me endlessly. I guess maybe because time had elapsed  I wasn’t directly comparing it to their initial raw sounding EP anymore. The album achives a great sense of cohesiveness, especially the first three tracks which blend together effortlessly. 

I went and caught them live just a few weeks ago and they didn’t disappoint. Their tightness on tracks like “Elephant” were a sign that they aren’t just a studio psych band, but a band Australia should be proud of producing and be looking forward to more releases in the future.

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This is one of my favourite scenes in Mad Men. Matthew Weiner does a great job with choosing music for the show. Rarely do big sixties hits receive airplay, but when they do they make a great impact. 

The Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction” matches this scene perfectly. Just as Don Draper sparks up his cigarette while wearing his pristine white shirt you hear Mick Jagger sing:

When I’m watchin’ my T.V. 

And that man comes on to tell me 

How white my shirts can be 

But he can’t be a man ‘cause he doesn’t smoke 

The same cigarrettes as me 

I can’t get no, oh no, no, no 

Hey hey hey, that’s what I say 

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  • Rodney: So tell me about this theme - what's it good for?
  • Charles: Well first off, you can choose what tags you want highlighted on the index page.
  • Rodney: Like how some posts have "film" or "music"?
  • Charles: Yes, but you can choose what tags you want highlighted. So if you are writing a blog about food, you could choose to have the tags "lunch", "dessert" or "breakfast" highlighted.
  • Rodney: How very cool, what else?
  • Charles: Well the theme isn't called Pop Cultured for nothing - it is integrated with music, movie, television, book and gaming websites so you can show extra data on posts.
  • Rodney: Example?
  • Charles: Well if you want to post a review on The Hobbit, you can just tag the post with "film: The Hobbit" and the sidebar will show the movie poster, link to IMDB and much more!